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Divide Scoop Print Bento Lunch Boxes

Digg(156) (8 Bewertungen)
US $27.99

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This is a Divide Scoop Print Bento Lunch Box, cute and stylish, this school lunch box is great for fulfilling your lunch ideas.The bento lunch box is the ideal way to pack travel-friendly meals, nutritious, and so on, which makes it perfect for school, picnic or work. With compact and lightweight design, this school lunch box is easy for your daily use, convenient to take with you! Made of high quality material, the school lunch box provides excellent durability and reliability!Best choice for you, do not miss the school lunch box, you will get more than you paid!
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  • Technische Daten:

    • Hergestellt aus hochwertigem, Lebensmittelqualität Material, ist die Bento Lunch Box genau das, was du suchst
    • Print school lunch box adds both style and affordable practicality to your life
    • Die school lunch box enthält alscoop in der Box
    • Die school lunch box verfügt über eine praktische Teiler für die Verpackung von Snacks wie Cracker und Käse, Obst und Nüsse, und mehr
    • Ruft sicherheitstechnischen Prüfung auf der Grundlage der Lebensmittelhygiene Gesetz
    • Die praktische Schule Lunchbox ermöglicht es Ihnen, ein gesundes Mittagessen packen
    • Schule Lunchbox ist der ideale Weg, um nahrhafte, Reise-freundliche Mahlzeiten packen und so weiter
    • Perfekt für das Mittagessen holen, zur Schule oder ins Büro Größe
    • Durable, attractive, and easy to clean, fulfill your lunch ideas 
    • Material:PP
    • Kapazität: 1L
    • Größe: 23 x 17 x 6.5cm/9.1 x 6.7 x 2.6in(L x W x H)
    • Temperaturgrenze bei der Box: -20 ˚ C ~ +120 ˚ C


    Garfieldal Divide Scoop Print Bento Lunch Boxes

  • Perfekt für das Mittagessen holen, zur Schule oder ins Büro Größe

  • School Lunch Box

    • Mit der dauerhaften und gesunden Lunch-Box, werden Sie wunderbare Mittagessen oder Picknick

    Bento Lunch Box

    • Hergestellt aus lebensmittelechtem Material, langlebig, attraktiv und leicht zu reinigen

     Lunch Idea

    • Print Pattern school lunch box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on


    • Farbe ist zufällig im Lieferumfang


    • 1 x Lunch Box


(8 Bewertungen)

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Ellie Summers

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 09-12-2011 absolut fabelhaft Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: I absolutely love my School Lunch Box. I'd been waiting to buy this for about a year and finally broke down last week and bought it. I've been using it everyday and it is everything I hoped it would be. I use it for salads and it's so easy to make my salad, it doesn't get soggy any more! I make my own salad dressing and now have a place to put it. Yes you can take several containers and separate everything but with Mr. Bento everything has it's own container and yet they are all in the same place! I used to take a plastic bag to work and had to remember to keep track of a fork or spoon, again, not anymore! I love having the spork and it also has it's own container. I think it's a great gift for people who are always busy. I'm buying several more because they aren't any more expensive then any other gift I give and I think it's so much more useful. I love it!

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Aaron Stewart

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 09-01-2011 sehr praktisch Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: very practical, but with a time limit (about4-5 hours) and not for any food (ie not for yogurt)...easy enough to carry...not too heavy...wish it were not made of plastic (not good to microwave)...but for my purposes, it's okay, which is to cook and take lunch to work in order to save money

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Brendon Ferrin

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 08-29-2011 holds a good amount of food Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: When i got this School Lunch Box to pack a lunch for my husband he was all worried that he wouldnt get enough to eat, I use the soup bowl as the meat, or pasta section basically thats the fatty food bowl and it actually fits more in there than I thought it would, the biggest bowl is the salad bowl the next one is the veggie bowl and the last is dessert bowl, he usually gets fruit in that one. I got this so that we could have more control on portion control because we are trying to eat healthier and it really does the job. I was failing miserably at packing a healthy meal he would be willing to eat before we got this, he likes this because he gets more variety now. He tells me that he now looks forward to lunch to see what surprises i packed for him and the weight is beginning to come off of him too so we are happy.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?


Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 08-16-2011 Fantastisch Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: This kept my food warm even after keeping it in my car in 30 degree weather for 6 hours. It works better than I could have imagined. It holds enough food for one person to have a filling lunch. There isn't much more to say, it holds a healthy amount of food and keeps it warm for far longer than advertised.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Troy Stewart

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 08-02-2011 Very good, but not perfect Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: I got this School Lunch Box for my office lunches and so far it has performed very well. I've had no leakage problems, even when packing miso soup in the bottom container. I do heat up my items right before leaving my apartment and pour boiling water in each container and inside the jar itself to heat them up (15 to 20 minutes), but the items do not stay hot. They're between lukewarm and room temperature when I take my lunch break, but that's okay, because I don't like piping hot food anyway. I live in Chicago, and until recently we had temps in the 20s and 30s in the mornings while I was waiting for my train outside, plus I always have a late lunch, so maybe those two factors combined are causing the temp issue. But again, it's not a big deal to me. Just don't expect your food to stay piping hot.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Chandra Benner

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 07-19-2011 Great Lunch Ideas Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: I bought this School Lunch Box based on the reviews here. I was not disappointed. It simply works for me. While I do not prepare traditional bento, I do use it to take left overs in. I normally do not worry about the heat retention, since I microwave whatever I have brought (lids off). <br/> <br/>If you are in the "my lunch was my dinner" crowd, you will not be disappointed.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Didier Filippin

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 07-05-2011 Good Bento Lunch Box Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: This School Lunch Box has been amazing. Its all that I could ask for. Its got boxes of right size and also convenient to place it inside the jar. Though I wish they did something abt the carry case. Well otherwise its excellent.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

Maaike Waarts

Gekauft diesen Artikel bei

00:00:00 06-21-2011 Coolest ever Gesamt:
  • Andere Gedanken: I purchased two of these for my high school girls who were tired of cold sandwiches for lunch. Oftentimes, my daughters wouldn't even eat their lunches. That has changed thanks to their Bento lunch boxes. Now, they have hot lunches and are the envy of their friends due to their COOL lunch kits. I would highly recommend this product.

Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich?

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